I am Lukáš 

and my special ability is to create cidre 

peckham cidre zealand


Where was our story born?

As fate would have it, I went to the other side of the planet - where? The land of the flooded sheep, Aotearoa the Kiwis call it. Coincidentally and by lucky chance, I landed a job at the local cidery: Peckhams cider. Local vibe, colleagues, location and great work. All of which started my love for the cidre - oh, and my drinking tendencies.

prirodni cider


The first cidre was born.

Full of enthusiasm I came back to my native land after 3 years of travelling, because it was just the time between summer and autumn (the wise already know - it's the harvest season) , so I hastily bought the first 3 stainless steel tanks and went in search of apples - not a difficult task, thank God the republic is overwhelmed with apples. At this time another happy event happened, I met a key person who became my coach, mentor, jedi master and I his padawan. I now share the hard work with Michal, but the success is purely on my head, I don't need Michal for that. We made the first few bottles together in 2019.

sber jablek na cider 1


Who makes up our team?

Well, to be honest, I think of success for myself, I share the hard work with my friends and family. This cidre project is the work of many people. And for all your selfless help, I thank you very much. Thank you bro, dad, mom, Michal, Eliska, Martin and all of you who helped with apple picking, labels, website, graphics, etc... There are a lot of you. Yeah, I have to say, the world really is a more beautiful place when you are surrounded by good people. Thanks, good people.

jabko cidre 1


Our mission?

To have fun, to do things with respect for nature, so that our children can have fun too.