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We go around the old orchards of our grandmothers, friends and aunt Maria Theresa, who started planting fruit trees to supply her army with food. You think it's romantic and easy work. I suggest you try it. You climb up into the treetops - the older 80-year-old apple trees are pretty damn tall. And you start shaking the branches so the apples fall down. Safety? Well, I believe I'll live to be at least 80 years old in good health, just like the apple trees we're tending. The romance continues, you roll your belly button into the ditch next to the fallen apples and start filling bags. The back loves it. Yeah, and when you've got a 50-pound bag? I don't have a crane, so you throw the sack on your back and roll to the car.


Did you rest in the car on the way from the harvesting point to the pressing place? Then get out there and go carry the bags to the apple press. At this rate, I'm gonna be a power triathlete someday. You love being sticky, dirty, wet, cold? Pressing is the solution to your craving, so be it. Pour apples into a vat of water, sort out the mess, only the beautiful apples will pass our strict sorting system - just ask Eliska, our specialist. From the shredder to the press, and off we go, jack and off goes the apple pomes in the press. Do you think we have a pump that pumps the must into a container? Right, you're beginning to understand. We don't have a pump, it all goes into a bucket and we manually pour it into containers. Our philosophy is minimal interference in the process.

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It's December and you're finishing the last press in the freezing cold and you go to celebrate, it's the end of the harvest. Yeah, we usually celebrate in our sleep, don't expect any big party, you're out like a whore on the E55 with a truckload of traffic heading to Germany. Most ciders are already fermenting spontaneously, I say no artificial interference with the process, remember! And now you're waiting. Don't worry, it's not for long, you'll have dinner with your girlfriend and the next day you can go bottle your first petnats - yes, again correct answer, I see you're getting the hang of it - all by hand with just a hose and gravity. I'm not going to stress you and the cider maker gets a rest, sometime early in the year there is a lull before you start tending the trees to get them in top shape for the next harvest. Ladder, shears and you roll into the orchard. I love that connection with nature - oh, and don't forget the cidre from last year to make the job more enjoyable on your shoe rack at home. You bottle up the rest of the ciders before the season and go again. With a smile and a lot of love, otherwise the hard work wouldn't be done well. That's why our cidre is so amazing and unmistakable from any other! The best! See for yourself! I love it! With love Lukas.

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